About us

Health Destination Istanbul

As healthcare and tourism are both serious businesses, you are in the right place for a reliable treatment procedure. Faik Cem Kavukçu who is the founder of our company is committed to give professional guidance and consultancy in every step of our patients’ treatment in Turkey, the world's health centre and tourist base.

As HDI, our services start upon the arrival of the patients at the airport and continue even after they return to their home country. HDI helps the patients to make their own treatment and travel plan. After a planned treatment, patients are followed up periodically. HDI ensures the best communication in the patients’ mother language during their healthcare procedures and trip. In addition to professional healthcare services, we guarantee that patients are taken from the airport with VIP services to the most qualified hotels and are also taken back to the airport. Overall, we can fully assure our patients’ safety by organizing accommodation in the best hotels as well as working with specialist doctors and intermediary institutions in the highest quality centres.